Why Choose JGI Landlord Insurance?

Imagine if you entered your property details just once via the website and where then able to obtain five different Landlord Insurance Quotes from our group of insurers. Well that’s exactly how it works! Think of all the time and money you could save by letting someone else do all the hard work for you.

Once the quote details have been entered and the form is submitted the real work begins! Firstly, a real person, (Yes that’s correct) will receive your quote details and then manually shop your property to the Landlord Insurance market to ensure you get the absolute best price & cover available.

Who is the insurance provider you ask? Why Choose JGI Landlord Insurance uses some of Australia’s Biggest Insurers which gives our clients complete piece of mind at a very competitive price.

Why use a Broking Service?

Insurance is usually the last thing on your mind when purchasing a new house, Investment property, Motor vehicle or even a business.

I can think of a number of reasons why this maybe the case, unlike many other professions there is no education on insurance, it’s rare that the general public can identify their individual needs and obtain the right cover they require.

Here’s why:

  • Insurance brokers are rigorously trained, regulated and monitored by ASIC to ensure you receive the most accurate, appropriate advice for your needs.
  • Without dedicated professional advice, inadequate covers may be arranged by you resulting in uninsured losses.
  • Insurance Brokers deal with a multitude of insurance companies and therefore have access to varied policy covers.
  • Brokers are aware of the various benefits, exclusions and costs of competing policies available in the market.
  • Brokers will arrange and place cover and assist with documentation completion.
  • A broker will also explain your policy and make you aware of any special cover restrictions.
  • Losses can be traumatic and brokers are able to draw on their professional relationships with insurers in order to expedite claim settlements. Utilising the services of an insurance broker can save you time and money as we have the expertise to tailor appropriate covers.